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 The very first question should be:  Do I Need A Website?

Let’s face it, when was the last time you looked for something in the yellow pages. And even if you did you might find a small add with an address and phone number. Whereas a website can deliver a wide range of information to the visitor and start the process of building a customer relationship.

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 E-Commerce Websites:  Your Business Open 24/7

An E-commerce site can generate sales without you being there. An E-commerce website can remove the barriers of time and distance and expand your market reach, bringing additional customers to your business 356 days a year.

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 Site Security:  Built in Firewall

To further enhance the security of the sites constructed by us we add a standalone secure firewall that wraps around your website. This firewall adds a new layer to a number of access points to your website.

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 Members Area:  All the information you will need

Our Members Area contains tutorials so you can operate your website as well as instructions on image editing & programs to use. The Members area is exclusive to Dystar Design clients and you will find a wide variety of information that will help you to operate, expand and modify your website.

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Our Honest Opnion

It seems nowadays that the philosphy is grab the cash and run. Honesty seems to take a back seat to marketing and website construction is no different.

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Welcome to Dystar Design


Website design, E-commerce and Content Management System (CMS) websites for small to medium size businesses.

We are a Melbourne based website design and construction business established in 2004. If you need a website constructed using the latest Content Management System (CMS) which allows you, the website owner to update or modify your site, then talk to us.

E-commerce website design and construction can be implemented into your CMS website design at a lower cost than you may think.

 We can produce a content management website that you can update and expand yourself.

We speak your language, without the computer jargon, so you understand what we can do and how it can impact on your business.

Our pricing and ongoing support for your business ensures that your investment in a website adds value and becomes and extension to your business. We provide several pricing packages that are designed to suite your business needs. For those who are comfortable with a computer and have the time, our D.I.Y packages can save you hundreds or even thousands on your website costs in the long term. If you don't have the spare time and need a website, we offer fully constructed service to complete your website.

If you have questions you would like to get answers to, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.

Low Cost Alternative

Looking for a website at a much lower cost. Try our D.I.Y. plan. If you can create a word document then you can add content to your own website.

We do all the technical installation. You add the words and the images and save money. It's that simple.

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